About Us -

We are house buyers and sellers in the Greater Birmingham, AL area.  In business since 2011, we have helped many homeowners in complicated situations sell their houses in a timely manner.  They sing our praises for making it an easier, faster, and more convenient solution when compared to listing on the retail market.

We are INVESTORS, not realtors.  We streamline the buying and selling process so that the transaction can be more attractive to all.  We specialize in buying houses that for some reason or another are not a good fit for the retail market as-is.  All price ranges are included.  We strive to close the deal on your terms since we understand that time is of the essence for you.

Regardless of how much is owed, whether you are in bankruptcy, or if your bank is foreclosing on you - we can step in and improve your situation.

We use legitimate and credible means to document all transactions.  We have closings done through local attorneys.  There is no funny business when dealing with us.

If you have a situation that realtors, banks, and other traditional sources have not been able to fix, please give us a call!

We look forward to helping you!



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