Do You Want to Buy a House Without Going Through a Bank?

We offer several options that you may qualify for:

Rent to Own & Lease Purchase -
Great option for buyers who may be recovering from a poor credit situation.  We can get you into a house with a small down payment.  This puts you on a fast track to improved credit and home ownership.

Down Payment Assistance - This can be just like a rent to own or lease purchase except you can finance your down payment into your lease.

Work for Equity - If a rent to own or lease purchase house needs repairs, you can often trade a little elbow grease for a down payment.  The complexity of the repairs will vary and the details are negotiable.

Owner financing - This is a straight forward option where we sell a house we own to you for agreed on monthly payments.  No lease required.  You are the new owner from day one.

No Money Down - We may even have a home that we can offer to you with NO MONEY DOWN on owner financing or other terms.


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